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Our commitment to client success is undoubtable. We extend the same level of commitment to our employees. That’s the reason behind our growth, performance and success. We maintain a community driven culture, where our people are valued, respected and rewarded for their contributions. We thrive to create a friendly ecosystem for our old employees as well as for the newcomers.

Our global offices share the same diverse and informal environment, no matter where you are - in Scotland or Nigeria. So, if you think you we have the same passion, desire to get the highest results and be on the top of the hill - we would like you to contact us.

  • Multi-skilled and fast paced

    PIMS Global is always up to something new. Whether it is new business niches or fresh ideas on doing better in an already occupied niche. We need people who think out of the box and want to realize their own potential.

  • Decision makers

    Work in PIMS Global means that sometimes you will have to make hard decisions that will affect work of the company and their clients. PIMS needs people with great knowledge and strong beliefs in what they are doing.

  • Adaptability

    Some of the activities PIMS Global undertake is high-risk, high-rewarding. Your mission here is to make the most out of any situation, these situations will not only get you the so important experience, but also valuable bounties and bonuses.

  • Business Trips

    The diverse location of our clients is an occasion of pride for PIMS Global and we do our best to get those numbers up. If our client demands in-depth control of the situation or personal attention - we will do our best to satisfy them. Even if it means travelling all around the globe.

Due to our increasing growth, we’re currently hiring fresh and energetic professionals. We’re looking for people who want to do great things and get rewarded for it.

Why PIMS Global?

  • Make an impact that can shape a small organisation
  • Unleash your career potential
  • Travel the world with business trips
  • Benefit from diverse exposure
  • Experience new ways of thinking
  • Make as flexible career as possible