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Why PIMS Global

We are a team of qualified professionals with a great experience in the operations, finance and engineering functions.

Initiative: VIMS

VIMS is a method of managing the integrity and operations of valves through the use of live big data.



Asset Management Services

Provision of complete asset management and operations services, including helping the client throughout the EPIC process from Engineering to Systems Completions, Start-up, Steady State and Continued Operation.

We have a strong process in place to provide baseline inspection of an asset, with recommendations on the activities that are required to make the asset fit for purpose, improve production or increase the life of the asset.

Pipeline and Valve Services

Providing specialist consultancy and services in areas of engineering, operations, decommissioning and repair support services.

We also provide valve services through implementation of a Valve Maintenance Process (VIMS) or installation of the unique software (Valve-IMS)

Asset Integrity, Inspection and Maintenance

We provide asset integrity and maintenance services. Combined with our associated and partnering firms, we can provide full life cycle integrity management of an asset.

We provide all types of NDT services with global experience in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Pigs / Pigging Support

PIMS in depth knowledge and experience with the process of pigging and managing pigs, allows for efficient implementation of pigging and ILI programs.

Bespoke Softwares

Using professional knowledge and approach to listen to client's issues and solve them where applicable through the implementation of bespoke fit-for-service software.

General Consultancy and Joint Industry Projects (JIP)

Support industries requirement for continuous growth through participation, leading and supporting Joint Industry Projects (JIP). Continuous development and improvement of PIMS methods guarantees the stability in growth and creation of operational advantages for the client.

ISO Accredited
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We are available to provide tangible solutions to casual and unconventional client challenges, we believe in lean operation which enables us to provide our clients with very specific solution that resolves their problems.