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PIMS Approach

PIMS Global brings a strong focus on matching expectations for late field life operations, combining the strength of vast pool of knowledge and experience with flexibility and nimbleness to deliver scalable services to our wide customer base. Our culture and operating model focuses on delivering a safe, cost effective solution, at pace. Our goal on this contract is to deliver a 20.0 - 40.0 % efficiency and schedule improvement over the traditional contractor’s approach. We have proven track record in the prompt delivery of engineering repair orders and simple and complex modifications through support of other contractors and operators. Key elements that we bring to the Engineering Services contract are:

  • Our unique approach and out of the box thinking allows us to categorise work against complexity, cost and risk, ensuring engineering effort and deliverables are optimized for the scale of the work
  • We offer TRUE value engineering, where we put the right controls and extensive experiences in place to enhance engineering delivery mechanisms and assurance
  • We offer standardised templates, repeatable design, procedures and processes with the right level of required engineering scrutiny to ensure cost and effort is minimised by only focusing on unique elements of the work.
  • We aim to respond to repair orders and engineering requests within the shortest time frame. Therefore, offering a ‘fit for purpose' low cost solution

After we have worked with you on the identification of the main cause of the issue, our focus moves to the development of the actual work plan. We include the point by point mapping of courses of events, tasks and milestones. Project tracking increases the value of the process by rapidly distinguishing and eliminating roadblocks, and also guaranteeing that your project is successfully finished on time and due to your spending plan.

General Consulting and Engineering

Critical engineering, design and decision making is paramount to ensure uninterrupted operability. To support this requirement, Our personnel are technical expertise with practical knowledge in the fields where we service (methodologies, corrosion engineering, process dynamics, flow assurance, repairs (+ emergency) and CP design.

Pipeline Services

We will engage the client in areas of pipeline design, engineering, drawing and support programs such as PFD / P&ID support, Technical integrity assessments (TIAs), Analysing lifetime extension options, integrity assessment / comparisons, Fitness for Purpose & defect analysis, managing pipeline inspection programs in difficult to pig pipeline systems and many more.

Valve Services

VIMS®, provides a valve integrity and maintenance management platform that uses operational and inspection activities e.g. as maintenance, incidents, IVBs and tests to ensure that valves and their components are suitable for their intended application throughout the lifecycle

Pigs / Pigging Support

We help our clients in developing and maintaining pigging strategies, allowing them to focus on other challenging issues. We can act as Single Point of Accountability with a focus to execute a designed pigging/ILI program according to the goals of the client.

Bespoke Softwares

Using professional knowledge and approach to listen to client's issues and solve them where applicable through the implementation of bespoke fit-for-service software.

Joint Industry Projects (JIP)

We can provide the necessary support required in the efficient execution of the JIP. Leading and driving all market awareness and opportunities to ensure successful implementation of JIP. We can support client in producing a public report on the findings of the JIP which excludes confidential information and in the production of periodic presentation to industry, participants, stakeholders and for conferences.

Excellence has dependably been our standard, with each colleague showing an abnormal state of morals, respectability and polished skill.